Spotlight On – Three Region Blend (2012)

01 May

I think it might be interesting, in addition to looking at all the different terminology that we use when we talk about coffee, to take a look at some of the different coffees that I work with regularly, and talk about them.

I figured I’d start with Three Region Blend (2012), as it is a seasonal blend that arrived on shelves today.

Don't mind the terrible grammar at the bottom there.

Three Region Blend is, by virtue of its name, a blended coffee. It is the first example of Starbucks taking coffee beans grown in all three of the major growing regions, and combining them into one coffee. In this case, the beans were grown in Latin America, Africa, and Papua New Guinea. I’ll talk more about blends and their purpose in a later post (complete with the poster I made yesterday).

When I made this poster, I tried to keep my own thoughts on the taste out of it. I am not always around when my co-workers taste the coffees, and in the case of blends, different things stand out to different people, sometimes even changing with each tasting.

As an example – I have set this as our coffee for tasting two weeks in a row, as I feel that it is important to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to taste it and talk about it with their peers and our customers. When I led a tasting last Monday, I noticed a lot of citrus and acidity. However, when I led a tasting this week, I smelled the floral and herbal notes mentioned in the description, and tasted some of the cocoa notes. In this tasting, the body stood out for sure as well.

I encourage you to seek out and try this coffee yourself, and let me know what stands out to you. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Why?

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