Spotlight on: Indivisible Blend

14 Jun

Indivisible Blend Package, a French Press of it, and some of the merchandise.

So, today my focus is on the newest offering presented at Starbucks – Indivisible Blend. This is a great thing, and one of the reasons why I find my employers to be among the best I’ve ever worked for. Starbucks truly cares about community, and has stepped up to prove it with this blend, and this line of merchandise. A little bit more about the coffee itself in a moment, but here is what this line is doing that I think is great – every purchase helps Opportunity Finance Network in its mission to create jobs in communities through grants to local businesses. You buy a wristband, that whole five dollars goes right into the funding. You buy a pound of Indivisible Blend, a donation is made. You buy a cup of it in your local Starbucks, a donation is made. You buy one of the mugs, sleeves or travel mugs offered, and a donation is made.

Starbucks launched this initiative last year with a five million dollar donation to the Opportunity Finance Network, and the sale of the wristbands (pictured above) that customers received with a five dollar donation. So far, between the wristbands, and sales of the new products, $11.5 million has been donated, and that money has been used so far to create and sustain 3,800 jobs (source).

So there’s that aspect of it. Now on to the coffee itself –

Indivisible Blend is the third Blonde Roast coffee offered by Starbucks. Blonde Roast was launched in January 2012. It is the lightest roast of beans that Starbucks currently offers, and was created with the hope of bringing more people “home” to Starbucks, by offering a coffee with a lighter flavor that still maintained the integrity that Starbucks is known for with its coffee. The response so far has been awesome, and the Blonde Roasts we launched with, Veranda and Willow, are both great coffees that truly exemplify their regions of origin (more on that in another post).

Indivisible Blend is an African Blend, with beans from Kenya and Ethiopia. I was excited to try this blend as soon as I read it, because I was expecting a citrusy, berry flavor that we don’t see much here in the states. I was not disappointed. Immediately upon pouring out that French Press, I could smell the citrus, and the berry notes were right behind it (I remind you, when you first start tasting coffee, you generally smell “coffee.” This is normal). Tasting this coffee revealed a bright acidity (think of how you feel when you drink orange juice), light body, and those berry undertones. After tasting, we decided to pair it with the Iced Lemon Pound Cake, which brought those citrus notes right out to the forefront.

I loved it, but most of my peers did not care for it. This is pretty reasonable, because, as I said, coffee blends that are primarily from African beans are not prominent in this country. I find that a lot of people I know are turned off by coffee that is citrusy or has a high acidity. Regardless, if you are a fan of the Blonde Roast, particularly the Willow Blend, this is a great coffee to try, and even if you are not, it’s definitely worth a sample, which should be made available to you if you ask.

Have you tried Indivisible Blend? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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One response to “Spotlight on: Indivisible Blend

  1. Melody (@SbuxMel)

    June 18, 2012 at 2:43 pm

    I liked the Indivisible Blend, and bought an Indivisible mug too! And I love how there are so many ways to make a donation including tumblers, coffee, and wristbands. Thanks for the review and the reminder of so many ways to donate.


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