Coffee Terms – Cocoa

17 Jul

I’m intrigued to see that, in spite of my lack of updates, my blog gets viewed regularly. Hopefully my very few posts have been inspiring to those who have stumbled upon my little endeavor. I promise to try to update more regularly.

I’ve had to rethink my in store Last 10 feet project, mostly due to my own scheduling conflict. It was hard for me to make sure that everyone was reading and understanding my posters when I wasn’t physically there to see a lot of them, so that means that I have to rethink a little what I’m doing here, but I do have at least one more “coffee terms” themed post I can do before we have to face that reality. Or perhaps I’ll just keep going. We’ll see.

So a coffee that is described as having a cocoa flavor refers to two different things – the texture and the taste. It’s interesting to think about a liquid having a texture other than “wet,” but again, think about the lingering notes here, rather than the taste when you are in the process of drinking it.

A “Cocoa” coffee will seem a little drier towards the end – it should remind you of the cocoa powder that you bake with – not a sweet chocolaty flavor, but hints of bitter chocolate and the dry, powdery texture.

Truth be told, there isn’t much more to say about cocoa than that. It is what it is. The coffee that I recommend you try to see this is actually one of my favorite core coffees that Starbucks has to offer – the Guatemala Antigua. It is a medium roast, Latin American coffee with a medium body. This has become one of my go-to coffees when I don’t know what I want. It’s a delightful cup.

One of the interesting things I learned when working on my coffee master certification is the importance of the Guatemalan volcanoes in the flavor of the beans produced there. The volcanoes produce a rich soil, full of nutrients that can be absorbed into the coffee tree, and allows for a development of flavor that is almost beyond compare – Guatemalan coffee is used as a mixture in a lot of blends as well, most notably Casi Cielo, one of my all time favorite coffees, available only in the winter time at Starbucks. I look forward to it every year.

However, the Guatemala Antigua, available year round, is also a fantastic cup of coffee. I have tried this coffee with chocolate treats (a doughnut and a brownie), and it brings out a cocoa flavor. I have also tried this coffee with an apple fritter, but I didn’t think that it did anything special for the coffee. If you are a big fan of the apple fritter, it might be worth a go.

Another thing I did, at the recommendation of another partner, is try it with a spoonful of honey. This was pretty awesome – there’s some floral notes and a sweetness in the honey that bring out something pretty special in the Guatemala Antigua. It’s definitely worth trying out for the curious. One of my favorite fun things to do is find new and interesting ways to try coffee. ‘

For the comments today – What is your favorite food pairing with your favorite coffee? I’d love to hear it and perhaps try it myself!


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2 responses to “Coffee Terms – Cocoa

  1. superbarista

    February 19, 2013 at 7:32 pm

    For my SS to ASM interview, I did Iced Kenya with bowls of fruit. I put grapefruit, oranges, and strawberries in. My interview was in the middle of the summer and the tasting was a delicious and refreshing treat! Guatemala Antigua pairs well with chocolate, caramel, apples, and nuts, and I did a tasting with an apple covered in a bunch’o’ stuff and that was also delicious!

    • kitenarie

      February 20, 2013 at 4:35 am

      Both of those tastings sound utterly amazing! I can’t wait to try them and blog about it!


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