Casi Cielo Revisited: A Savory Tasting

18 Feb

In my previous posting about Casi Cielo, I had mentioned that I was incredibly interested in doing a coffee tasting with a savory food item, and I thought that Casi was the way to go. I finally got around to this about a week ago. While grocery shopping one day, I picked up a box of the Boursin spreadable garlic and herb cheese, and a box of water crackers.

Then I moved on to the task of convincing some brave souls that I work with to try this with me.

We all went in with a mix of curiosity and dread – could this be good? What flavors would it enhance? Would this just be terrible?

Surprisingly enough, it was delicious! This particular tasting made the lemony notes in the Casi Cielo really stand out a lot. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not something that I would do all the time. I still feel that coffee is a drink that goes best either on its own, or with something sweet, but this was a fun tasting and is definitely something I’d like to stage again with some other coffees. Maybe a smoky cheese with the French Roast? We’ll see.

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