I currently work as a barista for a very well known coffee company (think about it for two minutes or less and you’ll figure it out), and recently I completed a coffee education journey and received a prestigious black apron. One of the things that I have decided to do with this education is to share my knowledge – it’s part of what’s called “The Last 10 Feet” of the journey, the steps between the barista and the customer, that turn coffee from an idea, into something tangible, and delicious (if you do it right).

I am starting by sharing my knowledge with my fellow partners, through a series of handmade posters, combined with coffee tastings, in order to understand all the different things we talk about when we talk about a coffee’s flavor. I am presenting one a week, and I thought it might be interesting to share that knowledge on a wider scale.

And so, I present to you this blog. Once a week, I will share with you what I share with my fellow partners.  A look at a specific coffee term, what it means, and a blend that demonstrates that term. I hope you’ll stick around.


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